Is today a good day to start?

Jitsi. Mastodon. Local solar. Cooperative economies.
Depaving. Food forests. Post-car organizing. COVID care.
Ending fossil fuels. Place-based worlds.

We Are Nature Coop

You're invited to a cooperative effort, to make these changes real.

... To degrow and make transitions, we'll have to organize.

We'll have to flyer neighborhoods, to raise awareness and build capacity.

We'll have to gather locally, and grow foundations for change together (with COVID care.)

We'll have to run trainings and workshops, to teach new skills and onboard new ways. From de-paving, to food forests, to de-Googling, to native seed planting.

We'll have to advocate and campaign for the transitions we believe in.

We'll have to partner with networks, media, and newsletters to reach people.

We'll have to build collective power and voice in any tools we adopt.

We'll have to disrupt status quos.

We'll have to realize change together.

This is work, and that means compensation. That's why this is a cooperative — to meet the common economic, social, and cultural needs of members doing the work.

Is that work you want to be part of? Flyering. Workshops. Developing convivial tools. Teaching. Building. Softening. Making change together?

If so, send a message to [email protected] — and you'll recieve updates and next steps.

You can also forward this invitation to others who may be interested. They can join by sending a brief/empty email to [email protected].

You can see examples of possible flyers and campaigns below — to raise awareness and build capacity, and support making change together.

Stay tuned as this gets underway,

we are nature

P.S.Do you know any publications, blogs, Substacks, email lists, or networks that would be interested in bringing degrowth campaigns and resources to their audience? If so, please forward this message to contacts. They can write to [email protected] about campaign and partnership collaborations — at minimum, email-centric campaigns, and also, possibilities for larger more hands-on collaborations as well.

Example flyers and campaigns

More resources in progress.

Interested in a shared video infrastructure (Zoom alternative) together?

Click here to send an email to [email protected] and you'll receive updates and next steps.